One of TPDC's Own Featured in Firesteel Articles

About a year ago, after sharing her story at HHAD, Poppi Handy was approached by Firesteel and asked to be a part of the "Finding Our Way" StoryCorps project, a series of interviews between people who have experienced homelessness and their loved ones. A year later, Poppi's story is featured in two separate articles, that discuss her experiences with unstable housing as a child and the importance of affordable housing advocacy in both her personal and professional life.

Click here to read "Architect Who Experienced Homelessness Now Advocates for Thriving Communities" written by Denise Miller

Click here to listen to "Once Unstably Housed, Now an Architect of Inclusive Communities" produced by Gemma Amos and facilitated by Daniel Sitts

Firesteel is "a network of Washington YWCAs committed to ending family homelessness." To learn more about Firesteel, click here.

StoryCorps is an organization devoted to preserving the tradition of oral history and sharing humanity's stories with the world. To learn more about StoryCorps, click here.